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The Homecoming

The Homecoming

Maggie David Updated
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The Homecoming

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Full Title
The Homecoming: The Adventures of Popsie and Friends
Rated for Readers
Rated G (all ages)

Book Description

Woof, Hi everyone Popsie again to tell you about the 2nd book in the “Popsie and Friends Series” called “The Homecoming”.

I tell in my own words how I was picked up at the Animal Shelter by my new Mom and Dad. “Busted” I called it! I was so happy, but also a little sad and anxious at leaving so many of my friends behind. I tell a few of their doggies stories that will make you smile, especially about my good friend Miele.

I tell of my journey home, a visit to the Animal Hospital where Mom and Dad got me checked over to make sure that that I was not in need of any medicine.

Finally I arrive home, I was so excited! I then got to meet my 2 doggie brothers and my gorgeous doggy sister. They showed me around the garden, you know what? We have big, big trees, some with Possum Families living in them, So many animal stories for you to read to your 4-6 year olds.

JD, Churchill, Willow and I were talking the other day, whilst lazing around after a morning of mischief, and we think that this book plus the first Book in the series “Popsie Finds a Family” make great short stories for kids, with great dog stories for kids also.

My book has true life stories about us all and some great photo of JD, Churchill and Willow and me Popsie in the back, also a photo of me above each chapter.

Mom and Dad are great cooks and they cook us doggie biscuits each week, hum, err, yes we are spoilt, but the Recipe for these are in the back of the book. You can cook these for your doggies as well.

If you want Great Bedtime Stories for Children or appealing Children’s Fiction (even though the stories are true) you can’t go past “The Homecoming” as fantastic bedtime stories for kids.
“The Homecoming” can be read on Kindle or any e-reader, plus in Amazon Cloud. You can also download the free app on Amazon and read on your Smart phone, Tablet or PC. Honestly it is as easy as that.

Big licks and squiggly hugs Popsie XX

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