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Little Hal

Joan Diehl Updated
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Little Hal

Book information

Full Title
Little Hal-A Pygmy Hippo in Danger
Rated for Readers
Rated G (all ages)
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Illustrator-Alex Ray
Little Hal

Book Description

Many people have never heard of a pygmy hippopotamus, let alone seen one. Fewer than three thousand of these endangered animals exist today. Most of them inhabit Liberia and the Ivory Coast of West Africa. Conservationists are concerned about their future survival, with illegal logging the biggest threat. When their habitat's rare trees are cut down, these animals have less food.

In "Little Hal," Mama Hazel warns her adventurous one-year-old that it's very dangerous to run around in broad daylight. After all, a pygmy hippo in the wild is supposed to be a nocturnal creature. Yet Hal loves his West African habitat so much that he can't resist exploring it in the daytime. As a result, he barely escapes from a hunter, meets a fierce-looking but harmless warthog, and makes friend with a dwarf crocodile. Eventually Mama Hazel decides that they should move to a safer habitat, and Hal asks, "Are we going to be okay?" She replies, "We'll be fine as long as people continue to care about our survival."

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