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Taya Bayliss = Treasure Hunter

Erica  Gore Updated
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Taya Bayliss = Treasure Hunter

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Taya Bayliss- Treasure Hunter
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Taya Bayliss = Treasure Hunter

Book Description

When Taya almost falls into the sea while watching the fishermen unload their catch it sets up an encounter which will lead her into an interesting friendship, an intriguing mystery and a possible treasure hunt.
She meets Mae Evans, an elderly lady, who because of a long ago love seems to hold the key to the treasure. But is there really a treasure or is it all just imagination? The clues just don’t add up.
Two local boys certainly think there is a hidden fortune and spend their time stalking Mae in an effort to get her to lead them to it. They soon turn their attentions to Taya as well, making life more difficult for her.
Will a curious and determined Taya accept Mae’s claims that the treasure is non-existent or will she set about unravelling the mystery? Has there been a fortune in front of their faces all along?

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Treasure Hunter

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