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Iwogs Adventures In Bully Blues

Susan  Marie Murdoch Updated
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Iwogs Adventures In Bully Blues

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Iwogs Adventures In Bully Blues
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Rated G (all ages)
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Susan Marie Murdoch - Illustrator
Susan E. Barry - Cover designer
Iwogs Adventures In Bully Blues

Book Description

Iwogs Adventures in Bully Blues is a story about Iwogs who are getting bullied by turtle brothers, Snip and Snap. Snip and Snap kick the Iwogs out of their food bed and tease them about their appearances. Having enough, Corky decides to rally his friends and fellow Iwogs together to see the Grand Unog to get advice on how to deal with the bullies. The wise Unog tells the Iwogs that they all live together in the same pond and they need to find a way to live in harmony with one another. They all need to show patience, kindness, and forgiveness. That advice gets put to the test when Snip and Snap go missing.

This story encompasses the problem of bullying. It doesn't matter where you are, or even your age, bullying is a problem everywhere. Bully Blues, through the story, tells the Iwogs how to stick together and to avoid the turtle brothers. This worked. But the underlining lesson is to also show compassion, which at times, is very hard to do, especially when the person being bullied is emotionally and/or physically dramatized. But children will learn in this 41 page picture book, that with forgiveness comes great rewards and with kindness comes lasting friendships.

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