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Time Travelling Dino's: The Pilot

Chris Sykes Updated
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Time Travelling Dino's: The Pilot

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Time Travelling Dino's: The Pilot
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Time Travelling Dino's: The Pilot

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What if time travel has already been invented, but the technology for travelling through time is lost somewhere in the past – way, way back in the past? What then? What would a dinosaur really need with a time machine, anyway?

In ancient times, dinosaurs ruled the world. But they disappeared, leaving only bones to tell their stories. Bones will say a lot about how their former owners lived – they can be quite gossipy under the right circumstances – but there are some things that they will never let slip. Some secrets, like how one slightly overweight dinosaur might cause the end of the world, are not for bones to tell. That job is mine. So, settle down and read on. But be warned: time travel is the most dangerous way to travel. Not only can you be ripped apart by the flowing motion of time itself but you can destroy the whole universe if you do not know what you are doing. And no one really does. Strange things can happen.

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