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Emily and the Enchanted Wood

Lynne North Updated
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Emily and the Enchanted Wood

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Emily and the Enchanted Wood
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Rated G (all ages)
Emily and the Enchanted Wood

Book Description

Emily lives in the quiet village of Oak Haven with her Mum, Dad and her lovely dog, Toby. Her life is a happy and peaceful one, but there is more to Emily than meets the eye. The young girl has a very strong connection with animals, one that becomes even more apparent when she enters the wood that lies just outside the village.
Strange things happen in the wood, and Emily isn’t convinced whether the wood has magical powers, or even if she herself has special abilities. Whatever the reason, life is never quite the same when she is there.
Emily’s problems really begin when she discovers that goblins have come to her precious wood. They are making the woodland creatures’ lives a misery, and seem intent on staying.
Not if Emily can help it ...

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Lynne North - Emily and the Enchanted Wood

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