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Jay-Pea-Eyes aka Junior Private Investigators

John Priest Updated
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Jay-Pea-Eyes aka Junior Private Investigators

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Full Title
Jay-Pea-Eyes aka Junior Private Investigators: The Boomerang Mystery: Detective Mystery Series Book 1
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  • eBook
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Rated for Readers
Rated G (all ages)
Other Contributors
Doriano Strologo - Illustrator

Book Description

A strange 'whodunit' mystery for the Jay-Pea-Eyes to have as their first case! Three children go missing and police have organised a massive search of the town of Dudleigh and surrounding areas. A phone call from a security officer at Russington Hospital immediately has several Detectives heading for the Accident & Emergency Department.
All three missing children have somehow been returned to the Hospital. No-one sees or hears anything - it's as though the children appeared out of the sky.
The Doctor is puzzled - the children are in excellent health but are refusing to talk to anyone, not even their own parents.
Local Detectives are baffled. Where have they been? What have they been doing? Why won't they talk? All questions the police need answering. And urgently.
When another young girl goes missing, her 10-year-old brother Harry and his three friends, Stan and identical twins Polly and Lily, are determined to find her and solve the mystery once and for all.
Will they solve the mystery before the Police? Can they find out the 'Where's and the What's' and the 'Why's and the How's?'
Book 1 in the mystery detective whodunit series following the Junior Private Investigators in their crime-busting investigations!
A starter chapter book for good readers aged 7 years upwards.

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