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Super Farm Boy

Melody J. Bremen Updated
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Super Farm Boy

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Full Title
Super Farm Boy: The Reluctant Superhero from Missouri
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Rated G (all ages)
Super Farm Boy

Book Description

Will he learn to fly in time? Zapped by lighting when he was born, Corny Cormier’s body has electric superhuman powers. But he doesn’t know it. And neither does anyone else. Until he sparks a blackout by mistake. In his reluctant journey to become a superhero, Corny encounters FBI agents in sunglasses, a germ-obsessed professor, a hundred sheep, a spandex yellow costume, a motor-mouth sidekick, unsuccessful henchmen, a plant named Bob, and, of course, the most evil villain in the world… Malign Rottenweiler. Hold on to your chicken for this wild ride to save the sheep!

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