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Dinosaur George and the Paleonauts

Mark Miller Updated
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Dinosaur George and the Paleonauts

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Raptor Island - Dinosaur George and the Paleonauts Episode 1
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George Blasing
Dinosaur George and the Paleonauts

Book Description

Dinosaur George’s uncle is missing! Professor Stone was the world’s leading paleontologist. At least, until the day he disappeared. Now George is searching for him. No one knows where Professor Stone is, but that’s not the only problem. They don’t know when he is either. Thanks to Dr. Morgan’s invention, the professor is lost in time. To save his uncle, George joins a team of scientists and explorers. Armed with hi-tech gadgets, they will travel 65 million years into the past. Only history knows what they will discover. Will George be the first human to see a living dinosaur? Will he find his uncle before it’s too late? Episode One: Raptor Island takes George to the Late Cretaceous of Southern Asia. It’s his first real chance to try out his amazing equipment and hopefully find a clue to Professor Stone’s whereabouts. But something is waiting on the island. In a story packed with humor and excitement, experience the past like never before. Learn about dinosaurs and all of the latest theories of their existence. Don’t miss the PaleoFacts at the end of each episode with all the dino-details.

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