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Max Hamby and the Blue Fire

Kathy  Cyr Updated
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Max Hamby and the Blue Fire

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Max Hamby and the Blue Fire
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Rated G (all ages)

Book Description

"The Max Hamby series is perfect for readers of Harry Potter, Fablehaven, Unwanteds, Septimus Heap and Charlie Bone. A mix of magic, adventure, humor, friendship and family that draws you in."
Alfie and Cynric coughed their way out of their workshop in a cloud of smoke.

"I don't see how you could've mistaken a white-backed Odeck egg with one from a Boobrie," coughed Alfie. "Has it slipped your mind how many times that blasted bird tried to kill us?"​

The quest for the other stones leads Max and his companions to the Three Streams in search of the Three Sisters – Miseria, Vae and Dolor. It doesn’t go as planned and one of them is left marked in a most curious way. An unexpected call for help has them changing course.
Tommy and Birdie are prisoners of the Black Order and about to become Sepitus’ sacrifice to Orlath, unless Max can save them. Things aren’t what they seem and one of them has changed in a deadly
Oxworth has escaped the Shadowlands, but he’s not the only one. Isolde’s evil army is growing. Celadine and Mibbitwiss are its generals. Their path of destruction has no end in sight. Oxworth intends to build an army of his own to stop Isolde. He enlists the help of some old foes and possible enemies that have another agenda.
The road blocks to gain the other stones are multiplying, but when another Trith attack brings down one of their own, the search ends. Max and his companions return to Merrihaven where a time- stop and an uncertain future awaits.
Max Hamby and the Blue Fire is the fifth book in Kathy Cyr’s Max Hamby series; a middle grade fantasy series.

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