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Aunt Bertha's One Eyed Rabbit

Aunt Bertha's One Eyed Rabbit

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Aunt Bertha's One Eyed Rabbit

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Aunt Bertha's One Eyed Rabbit
  • eBook
  • Paperback
Rated for Readers
Rated G (all ages)

Book Description

Bethany and Marcus are brother and sister and have at least one thing in common. They can't stand Trixy, their Aunt Bertha's ugly one eyed rabbit. She's snobby just like Aunt Bertha and refuses to do the one thing they love to do most, play and have fun. A chance happening brings Trixy to their home for an entire five days! Saddled with dread they brace for the worse but instead enter a world they never saw coming. A world of infinite possibilities. Trixy turns out to be a rather extraordinary rabbit. This book is perfect for kids 6-8 but can be enjoyed by all, even adults. It is a great family book that children and adults can read together. Easy enough for a child just learning; to read on his or her own. A great buy, own it now!

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