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Mable and Dogdee Meet

Mable and Dogdee Meet

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Mable and Dogdee Meet

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Mable and Dogdee Meet
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Rated G (all ages)

Book Description

The Adventures of Mable and Dogdee Series Has Great Books For Children That Your Kids Can Grow Up With.

If you love children's books with dogs and pictures that are great for kids 4-8, then you will love Mable and Dogdee Meet. Mableis a feisty 8 year old girl who speaks her mind. She knows what shewants and what she wants is a dog, but every time she asks her parentsthey always say the same thing, no. She wheels and deals and makespromises to her parents but they won't budge on their decision.Mabledoesn't think it is right that all her friends have dogs and shedoesn't. One night at dinner with her family Mable hears a strangesound at the back door. What could it be? Well you must buy the bookto find out! Mable and Dogdee Meet is a good book for kids which centers on family life. It is also a great family book for children.

Also available in Spanish.

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