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The Legend of ELPanda Paws

Margaret C. Arvanitis Updated
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The Legend of ELPanda Paws

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The Legend of ELPanda Paws
  • eBook
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Rated G (all ages)

Book Description

For hundreds of years the Claus Corporation has contracted with the ELVanites to make Love Bears which are delivered to seriously ill children around the world. Only Elves with love and happiness in their hearts can make the bears properly -- insuring that each bear carries love and comfort for these children. Negative feelings are discouraged in ELVanland. Frowning, fussing, criticizing and crying are rarely seen or heard. The ELVanites know that these feelings bring on unhappiness and disease. From early childhood they are taught to push any sad feelings out of their thoughts by thinking happy thoughts instead.
ELVina, Head of Production, finds her elf workers suddenly afflicted with the negative disease, an illness that makes them slow and careless. They whine and break into tears at the least little happening.
"What is going on, ELVina?" Inspector ELMonte asks. "I have never seen so many unacceptable bears come from this factory. The work is sloppy and certainly will not meet Mr. Claus's standards."
ELVina blows her nose and hangs her head, unable to speak for a moment. She starts to cry. "I have been feeling depressed also.”
"There, there, now." Inspector ELMonte places a comforting arm on her shoulder, "It will be all right. We'll work it out.”
But ELVina cannot be comforted. She knows that if the Love Bears are not made in time the Claus Corporation will not renew their contract for next year. No contract -- no work; no work -- no pay; the ELVanites will starve.
Worse yet, their reputation as bear makers will be ruined. Something is wrong in ELVanland. Something is terribly wrong!

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