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Sherlock, the Cat Who Couldn't Meow

Vickianne Caswell Updated
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Sherlock the Remarkable Cat Series, Book # 1: Sherlock, the Cat Who Couldn't Meow

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Full Title
Sherlock the Remarkable Cat Series, Book # 1: Sherlock, the Cat Who Couldn't Meow
  • eBook
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Rated for Readers
Rated G (all ages)
Other Contributors
Anastasia Drogaitseva (Cover Art)
Sherlock, the Cat Who Couldn't Meow

Book Description

Sherlock seems like your average cat. He loves to play, he purrs and loves to chase after things, so why can't he meow? One day as Sherlock leaves his job at the bakery for lunch, he gets the opportunity to talk to the sweet angel of a cat that he meets in the park. Her name is Luna. Will she find out his secret? Will she like a cat who can't meow or will she laugh at him? Sherlock's best friends Kato and Charlie tell him that he has nothing to worry about but with his rival Chauncy and the bully Bruto, does he really stand a chance? Find out in this all new chapter book as you follow a day in the life of Sherlock. See some of your favorite Freckles the Bunny Series characters and find out if Sherlock can overcome his embarrassment of being different.
73 written pages. 5.06 x 7.81" size. Cover: Matte finish
* Self-acceptance.
* Being different is okay.


Sherlock the Remarkable Cat Series Pre-Intro

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