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Latest Syndicated Blog Posts
23 July 2019
Hi, readers! I am pleased to announce a very special post today on ILRB. We’re doing something a little different. This is our fourteenth official author interview on this romance blog! I know in the past, we did character interviews … Continue readi...
23 July 2019
Book Launch
I've just released a new title for Amazon: Something Called Permafrost.Molly Chamberlain is part of a team on an expedition to the arctic tundra.After these scientists extract their find from the permafrost, Molly becomes drawn to it.A Supernatural S...
23 July 2019
Action & Adventure
After the bout of bad health I suffered through early this year, I decided to make a few changes. After all, my life has changed: I was a researcher working in a lab, a teacher moving between universities, now I am a writer spending most of his time ...
23 July 2019
Author Musings & News
Heads up all you Bookfunnel users! This is a call for biographies and memoir authors. If you are not a Bookfunnel author but believe your book could be a fit, this is the link to open an account at Bookfunnel. You can register then use the link bel...
23 July 2019
Mystery & Detective

In a small town like Oakwood, Ohio, everyone knows everyone else’s business—except for Charley Carpenter’s standoffish new neighbors, who tend to keep to themselves. But behind closed doors, Paxton Sharpe’s habit of screaming bloody m...
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