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19 July 2019
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The Kindle Version of Hy Brasil: Island of Eternity is free to download on 20 July and 21 July
19 July 2019
Karisma sighs. “Shortly after that ended, out we went. The sky was still inky black. Even so, Susan put on her sunglasses. Perhaps she wanted to hide her puffy eyes.”“The guide ushered Martha, Susan, and me into a wooden boat, and we floated off down...
19 July 2019
One fateful night tore them apart...will they get a second chance before a killer strikes?A few months ago, Rad Reader Reviews read my Romantic Suspense novel Dangerous Currents and asked to do an author interview, to which I enthusiastically replied...
19 July 2019
Romance needs a keeper. Beck needs a place to live. They’re the perfect match. In every way.Being famous isn’t everything, especially for someone too sweet for his own good like Dillion. Everyone takes advantage of Dillion. He does...
19 July 2019
Author Musings & News
If you’ve checked out my books, you can’t help noticing that I’m an ardent Francophile. For this, I thank the late Lois Sato, my high school French teacher. Mademoiselle Sato taught us not only about the language, but about the culture.Needless to sa...
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