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10 July 2020
Author Musings & News
Available on Amazon UK and Amazon USChasing Butterflies is a story of HopeIt’s the story of a girl who is damaged by life. A story about finding love against all odds. A story of hidden truths and painful lies.Hope is on the cusp of her fortieth birt...
09 July 2020
Events & Blog Tours
  A creature of the night, who walks in the moonlight. Don’t be fooled by his beautiful shell. For inside, he’s empty, without a soul. THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist   Dark passion rules the night.    Original linkOriginal author: Susanne Leist...
09 July 2020
You would think with the COVID-19 pandemic run rampant in San Antonio, Texas that I would have all the time in the world to write, to finish my first draft of my latest book. We are after all supposed to be staying home…again. Yet, here it is that ti...
09 July 2020
Young Adult
IntroductionAnd so the task begins, as I start to turn the highly successful VIRO book series into a proposal for a TV series. Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing insights and updates as to how this process is going.  So let’s begin at the begin...
09 July 2020
Marlene and I have something huge in common, she's been at it a long time, I recently started: we write about strong ladies throughout history. While my books are fiction, hers are biographies. I'm featuring WOMEN OF MEANS, FASCINATING BIOGRAPHIES OF...
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