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31 March 2020
Author Musings & News
And the winners are … DRUM ROLL … Nancy P of Florida, United States of America who wins the hardcover edition. Lexi Paige of Texas, United States of America who wins a paperback edition. Nancy and Lexi were chosen at random from the entries in my R...
31 March 2020
Action & Adventure
Joel Cairo is a character in Dash Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon, and was portrayed by Peter Lorre in the 1941 movie, John Huston’s debut as a director, featuring Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade. The movie is, of course, an absolute classic, and a seminal...
31 March 2020
Today, I’m reviewing author Lily G. Blunt’s LGBT contemporary romance anthology You’re My Everything.  This collection of short stories is only .99 cents.  Be sure to take advantage of this great deal. **** Title: You’re My Everything Author: Lily G....
31 March 2020
 We Still Cry OutOur ancestors groan, telling the story of how we came in hopes of giving us a way outWe ignore the moans and try to do it our way, but the only way out is to cry out. We often say, it' s not fair, yet some of us prance up and down wi...
30 March 2020
The sound of feet shuffling on the floor woke Thia hours later. Opening her eyes, she caught sight of a young woman moving through a door she’d not noticed earlier. “Hello?”“Just a moment,” the woman said. “Let me put the towels down.”Pushing off the...
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