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01 October 2020
Mystery & Detective
He has always lived in mystery; will she be the one to discover his secret?Robert Valmer moves from Rome to Beverly Hills in 2015, where against his better judgment, he falls for Alexis Roth, PhD, psychologist to the stars. But Alexis...
30 September 2020
If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here Ed lies still on the sidewalk, his eyelids open but unflinching. The only thing about him that moves are the lapels of his corduroy coat, flapping slightly this way and tha...
30 September 2020
Author Spotlights, Interviews & Guest Posts
HAWKE is part of…. KISSES UNDER THE MISTLETOE!!!!Read 9 holiday full length stories from 9 of your favorite authors in this fantastic holiday collection. Each book is a s...
30 September 2020
Author Musings & News
Yesterday, we lost two amazing performers. Both Helen Reddy and Mac Davis were 78 years old. Their genres were different, but they were powerful in their own ways. Reddy was best known for her anthemic “I Am Woman,” but she was also an actor (she was...
30 September 2020
Young Adult
The argumentative and somewhat loquacious dramatist, Bernard Shaw, was an ardent advocate of spelling reform. “It may interest you to know,” he once wrote to The Times, “that your leading article contains 1,761 letters. As these letters represent onl...
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