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Will “Hiden” Biden Survive the First Debate?

  2.   Author Musings & News
  3. Thursday, 24 September 2020
Today, I am reprinting a column by J. B. Shurk who raises the question of whether or not Joe Biden will survive his first debate with Donald Trump. It’s a valid inquiry, given Biden’s bumbling, stumbling, grumbling answers to the pre-approved whiffle-ball questions a compliant press has lobbed at hi...

The George Soros Cover-Up

  2.   Author Musings & News
  3. Tuesday, 22 September 2020
I saw the exchange Newt Gingrich refers to in his commentary below. It was a stunning display of censorship. Gingrich, the former House Speaker, joined a group of panelists on Harris Faulkner’s show Outnumbered last week and was asked his opinion on violence and unrest afflicting major American citi...

Anne Keegan: An Original Lost to the Ages

  2.   Author Musings & News
  3. Friday, 04 September 2020
The other day I was thinking about some of the most interesting people I met and worked with during a 27-year-career as a reporter and foreign correspondent with the Chicago Tribune. One of the first names that popped into my head was Anne Keegan, a one-of-a-kind reporter, and columnist for the Trib...

The Cowards of ‘Cancel Culture’

  2.   Author Musings & News
  3. Tuesday, 01 September 2020
I was going to comment on this issue and then I received Victor Davis Hanson’s commentary below and decided he said it all splendidly. This is a commentary rife with logic, which of course, is exactly what the BLM and Antifa thugs have no grasp of as they riot, burn, and loot their way through citie...

We Are Being “Gaslighted” by the Media

  2.   Author Musings & News
  3. Sunday, 30 August 2020
I really enjoyed this perceptive piece on “gaslighting,” by Rip McIntosh and I wanted to share it with ForeignCorrespondent followers. Rip refers to the 1930 play, Gas Light, as the source of the term “gaslighting.” But my introduction to gaslighting came from the 1944 film “Gaslight” starring Charl...

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