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Get in the Mood for Halloween! #MFRWHooks #MFRWAuthor

A woman, encased in glass, lives in the center of town, yet everyone pretends not to see.A phone call from Mom turns horrifyingly urgent.A sports car, a family inheritance bound up in memories.A graveyard of nameless souls.Haunting. This collection of short stories will send a chill, linger in memor...

The Seven Best Romantic Suspense Authors of Our Time

According to the Romance Writers of America, romantic suspense is the most popular sub-genre for readers who love a love story. They want their hearts to melt a little, but they also want their spines to tingle or their skin to prickle. These readers want it all–a roller coaster ride of emotion big ...

Floundering My Way Through the Fog

 Is there anything more unsettling than not being able to see the path ahead of you clearly? Driving home on a foggy night when you mistakenly choose to take the back roads instead of the highway . . . Waking up to look out your window and realize you see . . . nothing but a dense, pale grey haze. I...

Ghost Stories & Romance: Why the Combination is So Compelling

While conversing with a saleswoman in my local Apple store recently, I shared the information that I wrote novels.“What kind of novels?” she asked.“They’re basically romances, but they are all set in haunted places,” I replied.Her eyes grew wide. “With ghosts, you mean?”“Yes. There’s always a ghost ...

Book Review: “The Bog People – Iron-Age Man Preserved” by P.V. Glob

Unusual material and far from a new release, I just finished reading this title as part of the research for my upcoming novel, TimePeace. The book was originally published in 1969, and is not even available in digital format–I had to borrow it via inter-library loan. Outdated material, you say? Well...

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