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Do you share my literary DNA?

  2.   Author Musings & News
  3. Tuesday, 20 August 2019
Now, here is the thing. Do you believe your writing has been enriched and influenced by the books you have read? If so, is it just the good books, the ones you love, the ones which made some connection with your soul? Or… would you say the bad books have an equal hand in affecting your stories? By ‘...

Good news, for (a few) authors.

  2.   Author Musings & News
  3. Monday, 10 June 2019
We live in an ever-changing world, one where change is happening at ever increasing speed. The truth of the old adage which says, “If you stand still long enough you’ll end up going backwards” has never been so evident. This competitive hunger for transformation is affecting all areas of the publish...

About:  Questions on Editing.

  2.   Author Musings & News
  3. Saturday, 01 June 2019
I often see writers asking for an editor on social groups. Frequently the post asks for ‘someone’ to ‘help edit’ or ‘look over’ their book. (Which is not a book at all just a manuscript and more often than not, only part of a first draft.) Occasionally the person posting may ask for a ‘beta reader o...

Introducing ‘@Open24’ a resource for authors.

  2.   Author Musings & News
  3. Saturday, 18 May 2019
I do not use Ramblings from a Writers Mind for direct promotions because it is not the raison d’etre of this blog. These ramblings are about sharing knowledge and experience. They are about in-depth consideration, informative articles, about highlighting the good and bad regarding writing, publishin...

Where to Start?

  2.   Author Musings & News
  3. Saturday, 27 April 2019
I shall start this post with a quote attributed to that most literary of bears, Winnie the Pooh. “The beginning is a very good place to start.” I cannot agree more. BUT… Knowing where the beginning is, is not always as clear cut as many may think. You see, your story, any story, must start somewhere...

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