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How can Horseback Riding Help You?

  2.   Children's Books
  3. Monday, 22 July 2019
Have you always wanted to ride horses, but you’re wondering how horseback riding can help you? There are so many ways and I’ll bet some of them are new to you. Did you know I was born with cerebral palsy and when my dad was told I’d never walk, he refused to accept that. What did he do? He taught me...

My first pony-Little Man

  2.   Children's Books
  3. Tuesday, 25 June 2019
When I was a little girl, my big dream was to become a good rider and compete in the big shows. But, even champions have to start somewhere, right? So I stated my riding career with a fuzzy brown little pony named Little Man. He looked so cute-like a stuffed toy. But he liked to be naughty. He was a...

What is horsemanship?

  2.   Children's Books
  3. Tuesday, 21 May 2019
How would you describe horsemanship? Do you think it’s only learning to ride horses? I think it’s much more than that. One of the elements of horsemanship is building a relationship with your horse. How would you do that? You can study his personality. Does he like being patted? Does he search your ...

Getting to know the Clydesdales

  2.   Children's Books
  3. Friday, 10 May 2019
Today we’ll talk about Clydesdale horses. Do you know what they look like? They’re really tall and hefty fellows (and girls). They’re the horses you see pulling wagons in Budweiser beer commercials. They are also usually featured during the superbowl football games. Do you know how horses are measur...

Presenting the Quarter Horse

  2.   Children's Books
  3. Tuesday, 23 April 2019
the Quarter Horse When you read the name “Quarter horse” are you wondering how he got that name? The name came because Quarter horses were even faster than Thoroughbreds at running a quarter mile or less. You probably remember that a very speedy Thoroughbred can run about forty miles an hour. These ...

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