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Getting to know the Clydesdales

  2.   Children's Books
  3. Friday, 10 May 2019
Today we’ll talk about Clydesdale horses. Do you know what they look like? They’re really tall and hefty fellows (and girls). They’re the horses you see pulling wagons in Budweiser beer commercials. They are also usually featured during the superbowl football games. Do you know how horses are measur...

Presenting the Quarter Horse

  2.   Children's Books
  3. Tuesday, 23 April 2019
the Quarter Horse When you read the name “Quarter horse” are you wondering how he got that name? The name came because Quarter horses were even faster than Thoroughbreds at running a quarter mile or less. You probably remember that a very speedy Thoroughbred can run about forty miles an hour. These ...

Meet the Welsh Pony

  2.   Children's Books
  3. Saturday, 06 April 2019
Welsh pony  Imagine that you have been riding for a couple of years. You are getting to be quite a good rider, but riding is something you love more than any other sport. You have finally convinced your parents to buy you a pony.Good job! Now, you want a pony with a friendly temperament and one that...

The Thoroughbred:Fast and beautiful

  2.   Children's Books
  3. Wednesday, 20 March 2019
When you hear the word “thoroughbred” you probably think of purebred. But “Thoroughbred” is actually a breed of horse used for racing. Just like the Arabians, Thoroughbreds are one of the oldest breeds of horses.They are the fastest breed of horse, because racing is their specialty.  Some of them ca...

Introducing the Arabian Horse

  2.   Children's Books
  3. Saturday, 16 March 2019
Introducing the Arabian Horse! The Arabian Horse The beautiful horse in this  picture are called an Arabian Horse.  Did you notice that his face is curved or “dished?” Did you also see that the horse in this picture has a wide space between his eyes? People who lived in the Middle East a long time a...

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