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The Coventry Accent

  2.   Young Adult
  3. Sunday, 10 November 2019
The Coventry skyline I went to an interesting talk yesterday about my adoptedhome town’s accent and where it came from. Apparently there are four lines ofargument about the Coventry accent which, when put together, don’t make a lotof sense. The local accent is rare and rather special. It’sdefinitely...

Fact and Fiction

  2.   Young Adult
  3. Wednesday, 23 October 2019
Novels do not have to be factually accurate, we can add characters to real events, additional streets to real towns and, of course, events that never actually happened. Or we can make everything up by creating a complete fictional world completely free from time and place constraints. The actual tru...

When Writing, is Less More?

  2.   Young Adult
  3. Sunday, 20 October 2019
This is going to be a short piece. And quite right too as I write today in praise of short books. There seem to be more and more lengthy books being published these days, despite the increasing competition for a reader’s time from TV streaming, boxed sets etc. Think about Eleanor Catton’s The Lumina...

Bringing Books to the Few – the story of the Pack Horse Library Project.

  2.   Young Adult
  3. Sunday, 13 October 2019
These days many local libraries across the UK are closing, or being run on reduced hours by volunteers. Little by little, access to free books by the masses is being eroded – a far cry from the pioneering days when libraries, often financed by rich benefactors, were opening up across the suburbs as ...

Live Literary Event in Warwick this Thursday.

  2.   Young Adult
  3. Tuesday, 08 October 2019
Warwickshire writer Jenefer Heap, winner of the Good Housekeeping short story competition and author of The Woman Who Never Did and other short stories, regularly hosts a popular literary event in the centre of Warwick. The next one is on Thursday October 10th at the Warwick Arms Hotel, starting at ...

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