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Book Review – Those Who Came Before by J.H. Moncrieff

  2.   Horror
  3. Friday, 11 October 2019
I’ve been a big fan of J.H. Moncrieff’s work for a couple of years. I’ve read seven of her titles, including all four books in the “Ghost Writers” series plus; “Return to Dyatlov Pass,” “Monsters In Our Wake,” and “The Bear Who Wouldn’t Leave.” J.H. was also the first author to agree to an interview...

Book Review – The Fearing (Book Three, Air & Dust) by John F.D. Taff

  2.   Horror
  3. Wednesday, 09 October 2019
Where to begin? The end is nigh for this post-apocalyptic masterpiece and I have a problem, but it’s a nice one to have. I’m running out of superlatives to use when reviewing John F.D. Taff’s serialized novel, “The Fearing.” I mean, how many different ways are there to say “these books are great, go...

Book Review – Served Cold by Alan Baxter

  2.   Horror
  3. Wednesday, 02 October 2019
The first time I read Australian writer Alan Baxter’s work was the excellent “Manifest Recall.” So when I was offered an ARC by editor Anthony Rivera at Grey Matter Press, I jumped at the chance. “Served Cold” is a collection of 16 chilling tales that blend elements of horror, fantasy, and the downr...

Book Review – Gumshoe Blues: The Peter Ord Yarns by Paul D. Brazill

  2.   Horror
  3. Monday, 30 September 2019
My first encounter with the work of Paul D. Brazill was courtesy of the Close to the Bone Publishing website with a short story entitled "The Last Shot"and I enjoyed what I read. I’m a huge fan of this style of dark pulp/noir writing, so it was a no-brainer for me to click on the … Continue reading ...

The Swipe Files – Understanding What Drives Serial Killers

  2.   Horror
  3. Friday, 27 September 2019
Many serial killings seem to be completely devoid of meaning or motivation on the part of the criminal. In actuality, however, there is great diversity in the needs and desires of serial killers that lead them to extinguish the lives of others. Sometimes, the act or process of murder can be an end i...

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