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On Progress

  2.   Author Musings & News
  3. Friday, 23 November 2018
The soul of the modern world is torn in two. We have progressed unimaginably far but learned embarrassingly little. This has been the reality for many decades, regardless of whether our societies have realized it or not. The crossroads we are at are painfully obvious, though, and we are seeing a wor...

Religion in Fiction

  2.   AUTHORSdb News
  3.   Fiction
  4. Wednesday, 07 November 2018
For centuries now, religious institutions across the globe have been under constant scrutiny by scientific and intellectual communities. The clash of science and religion is one that has been a huge part of the religious experience in the modern world. The way we express this and other religious asp...

Our Biggest Problems and the Circle of Solutions

  2.   AUTHORSdb News
  3. Sunday, 04 November 2018
All throughout our lives, we often find ourselves faced with challenges we know not how to overcome. They sometimes come without warning. They sometimes come as an unrelenting series of catastrophes that are seemingly impossible to conquer. Perhaps this is because we have no system in place to preva...

A Dialogue on Morality

  2.   AUTHORSdb News
  3.   Fiction
  4. Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Introduction      In a tranquil field far removed from the rest of the world sat two silent souls. They were two men; one withered away by age and the other invigorated with the wonders of youth. The older man, known simply as Mentor, was not blind to the fact that he was living his last days. Thus,...

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