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A Poem-The Tireless American Rose

  2.   Self-Help
  3. Saturday, 04 July 2020
The Tireless American Rose Eve GaalThe tireless American rose. Graced our fallen, pricked our foes. A graveside decoration, saluted by soldiers, a comfort to widows, the perfume of angels, to any discerning nose. A queen’s bouquet, a honeymoon kiss, where petal strewn walkways, grace romantic getawa...

Crying or Laughing?

  2.   Self-Help
  3. Sunday, 14 June 2020
Those of you who visit my blog regularly, know I like to dabble in drawing. My last post was about painting, and how landscapes can become a type of escape, especially during tough times. Most fiction writers’ study human behavior or psychology, so they can create or “paint with words,” characters w...

Spread Peace Through Art--Wish I Knew How to Paint!

  2.   Self-Help
  3. Monday, 01 June 2020
Art Pastures painted in vivid greens, ‘neath skies of blended blues; soothing scenes depict tranquility, of places past-- Where tall grass blows upon a lea, shepherds tend gentle flocks, work horses graze, farmhands nap, chickens waddle to a trough. How fortunate that grandmother knew how to paint. ...

We're Almost There-30 More ideas

  2.   Self-Help
  3. Thursday, 21 May 2020
Don’t Give Up!Here’s Some More ideas to help keep you busy while at home.(I tried something like this one.)1.       Play cards. Rummy, poker or 52 pickup? 2.       Paint a rock for gifts or paper weights. 3.       Have a balloon fight on the patio 4.       How about a family barbecue? 5.       Make ...

50 Not So Boring Ideas for Staying At Home

  2.   Self-Help
  3. Tuesday, 28 April 2020
Does it sound like this in your home? “I’m bored.” “Can we go do something?” “Do we have to stay home?” “Mom, did you know some people go to the beach?” “You just want me to do chores.” “When can I go to school?” “I already washed my hands.” “I don’t want to stay home.” “Can I walk the dog, again?” ...

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