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New beginnings, temporary goodbyes

  2.   Fantasy
  3. Thursday, 16 May 2019
It’s Thursday. Outside, it’s raining. Which isn’t anything new for this part of the world, but we were dry (and warm) for a time. It’s been a crazy few weeks since my last post. I haven’t gotten far on either of my wips, which I need to change. I need to stop putting the writing on the back burner. ...

No two writers are the same

  2.   Fantasy
  3. Saturday, 27 April 2019
Hi! How are you? I hope things are going great for you. We’ve got a busy few days, so I’m trying to squeeze in some stuff before things get moving. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out the new page on my website: D&D stories. They’re short stories inspired by the D&D game I’m playing...

When life hands you a new Star Wars trailer….

  2.   Fantasy
  3. Saturday, 13 April 2019
I’m admitting it now. Not that I’ve ever hid it, really. I am now, and always will be, a Star Wars fan. I was 9 when the first one came out. We went to a drive in, and I didn’t pull my eyes from the screen until my dad drove us off the lot. What I’d seen was, to me, pure magic. For two hours, I was ...

Happy anniversary to my followers!

  2.   Fantasy
  3. Saturday, 30 March 2019
According to WordPress, I started this blog 7 years ago today. When I began, I was beyond clueless about what to do with a blog. Seriously wet behind the ears! For some people, seven years is nothing. A drop in the bucket. I’ve found that, as I get older, time seems to move differently. What seems l...

Let’s talk about reviews

  2.   Fantasy
  3. Saturday, 23 March 2019
So, I should be writing. I really should. On an actual book and not this blog. But something came to my mind and I had to share it here. Currently, I have the file for ‘Guarding Connor’ open on my laptop. This would be the 4th book in The Waystation Guardians series. Honestly, there could be another...

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