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24 January 2020
Young Adult
And so it rained.Rained like never ever before.Falling hard and straight and long.Dark clouds lay low in the sky like a hateful pall.Spewing.Incontinent.Unchecked.Endless.Unceasing.Amaranthine.Filling the streets.Original link...
23 January 2020
Dan Strawn took up creative writing after a long career in business and education. In addition to Dan's longer works, his stories and essays have been published in a number of editions of Idaho Magazine and Trail Blazer Magazine. I am delighted to fi...
23 January 2020
Dystopian YA fiction often has something to say about our current society or mankind in general, and this book did a great job of illustrating several different evils. The leaders in this dystopia rule by keeping the populace ignorant and afraid, and...
23 January 2020
Book Reviews
Before 2 days I got a message from a guy who is 20 years younger than me. I could literary give him birth. A kid is playing on Instagram and he bragged how milfs sent him messages. MILF's are women in forties who are hot, and hungry for pleasure, acc...
23 January 2020
Mystery & Detective blog post #373  Courtesy of svgsilh.comIt finally happened. They got together, and it was explosive. Wonderful. Magnificent. What comes next? Do they try it again and find the novelty wore off? Or do they try it again and find it better...
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