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20 June 2019
Last week I wrote about the ups and downs of writing. Sometimes I am cranking out the words and other days I am struggling to find time to write.As I read about the experiences of other authors, I hear about authors who write thousands of words a day...
20 June 2019
We had been watching the tadpoles grow and had even swotted up on when their legs would appear and how long it would take before we had little frogs racing to freedom from the safety of their pond. Unfortunately as is often the case in life, there ar...
19 June 2019
Action & Adventure
A few days of quiet, working on my own projects for a change, and recharging the batteries as I wait for new challenges.Or something.The total for 2019 at the moment is38 submissions9 stories accepted1 story given away pro bono7 stories still waiting...
19 June 2019
Young Adult
If you want to improve your fiction writing, there areplenty of guide books out there to help you. So many, in fact, that you couldspend all your available time reading them and never get round to putting pento paper yourself.I don’t think that two o...
19 June 2019
Today, I’m hosting author Beth Bolden and her latest release Impossible Things, a m/m contemporary romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. **** Book Title: Impossible Things (Star Shadow series #2) Author: Beth Bolden Publisher: Be...
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