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12 August 2020
Later, Dr. Patel swings by with a group of medical students. The pages in their notebooks rustle around me as they scribble every word he says. To them, I’m no more than a typical specimen of what he calls the first stage of coma.“During this stage,”...
12 August 2020
 When life gives you lemons, either you make lemonade, or search everywhere for a unique and delicious recipe. Here’s a simple one that is sure to make you smile, or at least pucker up. (Please maintain social distancing when puckering up.) Painted ...
12 August 2020
Yesterday was a busy day. Work, grocery pick up, therapy, walking, and getting ready for dinner, etc.Basically, I’m just now sitting down in my office to share a memory of Scotland. Will try to do another post tonight about what happened on the 12th....
12 August 2020
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Historical fiction itself has a rich history, with recognisable examples of the form cropping up from the early 19th century onwards. Walter Scott, an early exponent of the form, used historical fiction to create a mythical vision of past glories and...
12 August 2020
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      THE DEAD AT HEART 5.0 out of 5 stars    This novel starts out fast and furious and remains so to the very end. Shana broke up with the hybrid Sheriff and is now with William who… Continue reading →Original linkOriginal author: Susanne Leist...
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