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09 December 2019
Action & Adventure
I first saw The Abominable Dr Phibes, the 1971 Robert Fuest movie, back in the ’80s, on a late-nite horror retrospective hosted by RAI 3, the “intellectual” and “left wing” channel in Italy’s state TV. I am pretty sure I saw it in black and white, wh...
07 December 2019
Events & Blog Tours
  Colors.Blues.Pinks.Light.Movement.Paint.Strokes.Lines.What else comes to mind?Art.Original linkOriginal author: Susanne Leist...
07 December 2019
Happy Saturday!It’s gaming day in the house, and there’s a high likelihood that a new D&D story or two will be posted between now and Monday.Haven’t read those yet? Swing over to that page and check them out!I took a hard look at the first book I wro...
07 December 2019
Children's Books
Did your parents give you sage advice to guide you? Mine did. Our mom reminded us “Be grateful for what you get, dear.” She’d tell us that often, especially if we were having something for dinner was not our favorite. Our poor mom had to cook all so...
07 December 2019
Author Musings & News
Hi, everyone. I’m feeling quite a bit better, but still coughing a lot. I’m staying home from a lot of social obligations, and possibly even a concert tomorrow, because I don’t want to distract people around me with my barking!Anyway, this week I wan...
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