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  •   Dominik Marcel Kirtaime reacted to this post about 1 year ago
    A free short story available on Bookfunnel.

    The jazz Singer

    How hard would you search for your soul mate?
    Would you scour lifetimes, only for it to repeat once you'd both passed beyond the veil?

    Calliope and Oeagrus have been cursed to return time and again, to live out their lives and their undying love hoping that each lifetime will be the last. There's no definitive reason why the cycle continues, and they hope that with each meeting, their lives and love will be enough to end the uncertainty. But with each ending, they are forced into another life and start the search again.

    In this incarnation, Calliope is a trapped Jazz singer with a voice that can still the hearts and quiet a room full of rowdy drunks. Oeagrus is the descendant of wine merchants, content to continue in his steady, factual accountant position. Each lives their life unaware of the other.

    When Oeagrus accidentally bumps into a woman on a busy, wet street, the cycle begins again. But for Oeagrus, it takes more than a cup of coffee and a reminder of her aura to jog his memory. Calliope is obliged to enchant him in the only way she knows how.

    Follow the eternal lovers in this meeting of modern day soul mates.
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