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Here at AUTHORSdB we've formed the only database of authors, including social media, book listings and much more, for today's mine-field of thousands of aspiring and established writers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register?

CLICK ON THE REGISTER BUTTON at the top of the page.

You can register your account one of 4 ways,

1. Sign up using a valid email adress, after registration, make sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive your log in details.
2. Sign in using your facebook account by selecting the facebook logo on the registration page or click HERE
3. Sign in using your google account by selecting the google logo on the registration page or click HERE
4. Sign in using your windows live account by selecting the windows live logo on the registration page or click HERE

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How much does it cost?

Listings for Authors and their books are free

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How do publishers register

Simply create an account and add a listing in the Publisher section.  Be sure to add your authors too, as they will show up under your listing.

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How do I delete a book listing?

Email and we can unpublish a listing on request.

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How can I update my Author bio?

Simply click on Menu > Log in > My Listings > edit cog wheel

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edit book listing

To Edit a book click on Menu > Log in > My Listings > edit cog wheel

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How do I change contact information

Simply click on Menu > Log in > My Listings > edit cog wheel

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How does one get listed as an Author Service provider?

Click on Menu > Log in > Add services listing

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Do you have to have a published book in order to register as an author?

Yes, you must be a published author or upcoming book that you can link to pre-order

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How do I remove books that I have listed, as two of my books have now been withdrawn from distribution?

Please email and we can do this for you.

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How do I change my profile picture on my Author listing?

Click on Menu > Log in > selet my listings > choose the edit cog wheel of the listing you want to edit > drop down to edit media > delete current media > add new media

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I'm trying to add a new book to my year-old author listing but your system is not accepting its ISBN-10. What do I do make this listing accepted?

ISBN 10 digit is not a mandatory field.  You can exclude this if the system is not accepting. Please double check that there is no alpha ABC's in the number.

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how to edit my listing

Simply Log In, click on Menu> My Listings> choose listing> edit listing uusing the cog wheel

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How can I change my password

In the Community, click on Profile then click on Edit Profile then click on Account.

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My Listings
How do I submit a listing?

1.  Log in by clicking on the word MENU on the top right

2.  On the Main Menu (left side) Click SUBMIT Your LISTINGS > Select Category > Enter Details > Submit Listing

Tips:  Red Star Fields are mandatory.  Hover your mouse over the blue icon for detailed instructions.

Author Headshot & Book Images:  Once you submit a listing you are redirected to upload your media files, which include your picture, book images and book trailers.  See FAQ Upload Images for more details.

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How do I make my head shot show first?

If you would like to make your head shot show up first in your listing,  you may do this at anytime you are logged in by selecting "My Listing" on the left menu under "My AUTHORSdB" then hover over and select "Edit Media"  select the star beside the image you would like to be the default image.

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How can I edit my page?

Once logged in, click on 'my listings' in the myAUTHORSdB menu.  Click on the wheel cog image > edit listings > make your changes > submit

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What is a value in a field?

A value is the type of information requested.  It could be a url, email or text depending on the field.

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What is a book list?

A book list (Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, iTunes, etc) is the link to your online bookseller where an author has already spent a great deal of time compiling information about their books.  ie:

If you've listed your book on these bookseller sites, click on your author name and it will link to your book list.

The author listing has been set up this way  for authors to not spend time data entering something they have already done on all of the bookseller sites.

Just Link It!

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How long is the moderation queue for new listings?

Generally the wait is approximately twelve hours.  For listing that have all the required information it generally takes less.  Our standard moderation statement is 24 hours.

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I want to show up in my publisher's listing, how do I do this?

Simply add your Publisher ID.  To find out this ID, hover over the blue icon while editing your listing.

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Multiple Genres - my books are in three different genres -- literary fiction, short story, and memoir. And how do I enter more than one genre?

Simply hold down your control key on your keypad and click on as many genres applicable.

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Do you accept all authors? is a website for published book authors.  If you have a debut novel in the works, we will hold your listing until you have links to your books for sale.  However, we reserve the right to accept or reject any listing.

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Why can I only upload one photo while other authors have book covers?

We are migrating from covers in the Author Directory Listings and have added a new Bookself.  Here, you are able to add your cover and details about how readers can purchase your books.

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How do I claim my listing?

Simply click on 'Claim this Listing' and follow the instructions. 

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Trying to add my book listing, but it will not accept it

To add a book listing you must first have an author directory listing.  Once you added yourself into the author directory, then you can add books with your author name.

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How do I add Amazon reviews

Go to your Amazon Kindle page and scroll down to book data.  There you will find the ASIN ID. Click to edit your book and set Yes to show Amazon reviews and add your ASIN id.



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How do I post pictures? (Not only for editing quotes, cartoons, etc., but for posting book covers for books I've edited.)

In our Community section you are welcome to post photos, news, events, etc.  For Authors you have worked with, simply edit your listing and start typing in the Authors You've Assisted box the author name and it will appear in your profile.

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Could you please explain how to add a chapter to any of my book pages?

Simply click on MENU > My Listings > Add Media > Upload Sample Chapter

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Book Cover Contest

Our FAQ's are a work in progress ... if your question is not here, please email support @

How long does the book cover contest last?

The contest is annual.  Semi finals and finalists will take place at the end of each year.

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What is the deadline for the 2013 contest?

The deadline for entry is October 15, 2013.

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How do I vote in the cover contest

Go to the cover contest page and browse books.  To vote and comment, click the big blue button located under the cover

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How do I upload my book cover for 2015 contest

Simply click on the MENU at the top right and a menu slide will open up on the left.  Click on Submit Your Listings > Enter 2015 Cover Contest

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Community Hub
What is the Community Hub?

The community hub is a hang-out where author's can feature themselves and their books and communicate with avid readers.  The posts in the hub are public, specifically to enhance the impact on Google and other engines, thus giving authors more SEO exposure.

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How do I make a simple post to share news for any of the authors I've worked for or for promoting my work?

In our Community section you are welcome to post photos, news, events, etc.

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How often are the awards given out?

Badges are posted into your listing as we work them into our weekly schedule. 

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