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BOOK PROMO:  My Life at Sweetbrier-A Life Changed by Horses-Goodreads giveaway
Deanie Humphrys-DunneDeanie Humphrys-Dunne |  May 21, 2017 | Breaking News
What if your single passion was to become a champion horseback rider, but your parents were told you would never walk? What happens next? Can a failed racehorse and a handicapped girl become a winning team? Follow this link. Enter to win one of five free copies! Contest started 5-21-17 and ends 7-21-17

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When The Jaguar Sleeps
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This Week's TOP10 #reviewed 'First Lines' (VOTING CLOSED)

First Lines Contest 2017: Love's Forbidden Flower
Fiction : Sagas
Today, somewhere among the roses and petunias, my sanity squirted out of my brain and fertilized the backyard. Why couldn’t those heart-seizing moments be experienced with anyone else? Why did they have to be with the man who is the ghastliest of all possibilities?
First Lines Contest 2017: Talon, Encounter
Fiction : Young Adult
'No, no, no!' Matica screamed out from the time they had seen it. She had hoped not to see it so early, especially while laying on Talon and trying to fly home. 'It can't be. Not so early. Not now.'
First Lines Contest 2017: Moonlight & Music
“OH FOR GOD’S SAKE!” Blake McIntyre looked at the microwave clock. 2 a.m. He threw open his apartment door and made his way across the hall to hopefully halt the drone that was now filling his ears. He wasn’t amused.
First Lines Contest 2017: Silenced
Fiction : Christian
Under the surface, darkness lurks. Maybe, for a moment, a smile graces my face or a laugh escapes my lips. But just for a moment, then, the crushing weight of the dark presses upon me.
First Lines Contest 2017: Diablo
Fiction : Short Stories
There is no greater test of vision than to foresee one’s own death. Reminiscent of a Rodin sculpture come to life, Artek sat motionless on the hot sand, his back pressed against the rough-but-reassuring bark of a tall palm tree. High overhead, the sun shone down with unusual fierceness, and he was grateful for the limited shade.
Fiction : Coming of Age
“Get out of the way fat ass!” Lucy immediately felt the sting of tears in her eyes and her cheeks get hot. She glanced sideways quickly and watched the boys on their bikes whip around the corner, hearing their laughter.
First Lines Contest 2017: Tails of Sweetbrier
Non-Fiction: Juvenile
Have you ever really wanted to do something but you came across a roadblock of some kind? Maybe you're afraid of new things or maybe you have a physical challenge. Are you going to follow your dream or are you going to push it aside without really trying?
When is My Forever
Fiction : Christian
Driving past the pick-up-and-go for the fifth time, I was quickly losing my patience. Dena, my mother, was supposed to have been there waiting for me. According to the person who had answered the phone at the information desk, her flight had landed forty-five minutes ago – yet there was still no sign of her.
First Lines Contest 2017: Emerging With Wings
Non-Fiction: Other
I don’t remember when I first came in contact with The Pursuer. I went to a place called church to visit him when I was little. I remember that I loved this place.
Second is Best
Fiction : Christian
Heavy rain drops pelted against the windows of the coffee shop forcing me to stare through the grey haze towards the ocean. Trees were bent over backwards, resisting the force of the wind, and the waves of the sea seemed to argue with the sand, smashing against the shoreline in an angry and wild dance. The storm violently ravaged the usually peaceful beachfront at Addington Beach, as people tried with all their might to remain upright as they ran – or attempted to run – for shelter.


2017 Cover Contest Entries (Voting now open !)

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