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Europa Dreams

a list created by E.C.DownesE.C.Downes on July 09, 2020
The first novel of the EUROPA Trilogy, Europa Dreams begins as Sarah Green faces the most difficult decision of her life. “If someone told you your life was going to end then offered you an olive branch to save it, would you take it?” This is the question Sarah asks the reader after a chance sequence of events, culminates in her opening an email in her spam from a Commodore Adrian Reese, who leads her to an unknown RAF base at an undisclosed location in England. Here, upon meeting the charming Commodore and learning of the Earth’s imminent destruction, Sarah makes the decision to relocate to a newly discovered planet in a Goldilocks Zone. A decision which leads her to the end of an adventure that she, Adrian and many of the other colonists who join her, believe is only just beginning. Although the colonists arrive safely on their new home planet, things do not go according to plan. As the binary suns rise they discover they have landed outside of the drop zone in a desert waste land with soaring temperatures. Their hunt for water is soon a priority which divides the six ships. What is more, Sarah finds herself in a love triangle with Adrian and realises that her dreams are actually premonitions. But it is when the colonist find themselves in a fight to survive an alien predator bent on killing them all, that Sarah and Adrian must learn the secret of Europa’s enigmatic sentient beings, if they are to save the planet itself.
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E. C. Downes
Authors Directory E.C.DownesE.C.Downes   Updated July 10, 2020 0
About the Author: E. C. Downes’ was born in 1968, into a family gifted in the visual arts where her medium is acrylic. It wasn’t until her teen years that Downes discovered her passion for writing. This later took her to various countries around the world, where...
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