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Black Bed Sheet Books

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Black Bed Sheet Books
In October 2008, I set into motion what it takes to establish a bona-fide publishing company out of my garage and two other offices inside my home. If this venture proves to be an extremely successful one, I’ll still be operating out of my garage and home, but perhaps in larger ones. Even if it doesn’t go that far, I’ve submerged a great many years of my life into not only the art of writing as a profession, fiction as well as non, but into the entire process of taking something creative from typed manuscripts to computer documents to something scribbled on grocery store paper bags or napkins, packaging them into a bookstore-quality products and presenting them to the world… own works, as well as works of others, since 2002 under the name of Diverse Media. I decided that the time had come to take my publishing pursuits to the next level and to establish Black Bed Sheet Books as a credible, reputable, and successful publishing venture. Since my reputation and focus is built upon the genre of horror literature, that is what BBS specializes in. I will not limit myself nor BBS to this genre, and all avenues are open, hence the byline “fine publishers of exemplary literature, fiction and non.” In the past, I’ve invested my writing career into publishers and agents that fell short of even minimal expectations. As a result, I’ve become fiercely independent. "I’ve been working for myself and as a result brought myself farther into my career, and I have the will and means to do the same for you. My objective is to be the ideal publisher I as a writer always wanted to have, and I intend to carry out that mission to the fullest. I will work with each one of my authors to meet the highest quality publishing standards, and release each title to the broadest marketing and selling potential utilizing all the tools and resources available to me." --Nicholas Grabowsky

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