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Coming of Age

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First Lines Contest 2017: By What We Love
My breath catches as I step out of the elevator. I can't get air. All I see is the image before me: red, angry blotches against a white backdrop.
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First Lines Contest 2017: Where There Is Life
My head fills with the sound of metal crunching into metal, the sensation of my body flinging forward then back, a scream that I'm not sure emerges from my throat. "Autumn, can you hear me?" My mother's voice filters through the noise.
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First Lines Contest 2017: Skinny Me
The woman in front of me steps up to the teller. She is tall, at least five foot nine. Her brown hair flows down her back in graceful waves.
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Seth wrung a blood-soaked hand towel until the fabric pinched the flesh of his aching palms. Droplets of Natti's diluted blood trickled into the running water. When the cotton began to dry, he drowned it again and wrung it out even tighter.
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La gran crisis de sucesión
La última heredera posible de la dinastía Gurun tiene ante sí una difícil decisión: seguir los dictados de su corazón y casarse con el caballero que siempre la ha amado...
Malay A. Upadhyay
Malay A. Upadhyay grew up in the Eastern provinces of paradoxical India. It was a childhood of anomalies - a different spacetime, where he could not understand a friend's passion for books on one hand even as he wrote for school elocution on the other. Today, all his stories belong...
Paul's Story
Do you believe in ghosts? Ron Shaw does, because one named Mary entered his life with a story from the crypt that had to be told, and Mary has plenty...
Mary's Journey Begins
Would you believe a man and his ghost? Ron Shaw does, and what a story his Mary has shared with him! I slept like the dead, he...
First Lines Contest 2017: Mary's Journey Continues
Did you know that it’s possible to own a ghost? Well, we do. She arrived in a Victorian trunk that my wife and I purchased not too long ago, and her name is Mary. Currently, she exists in her camelback trunk on our carport here in Georgia.
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First Lines Contest 2017: The Yellow Bus Boys Go Blue Canada Bound
When the witching hour hits and sleep dies, one’s mind can take total control of the 3 AM insomniac. On this particular early morning, my brain screamed, "Think back George. Remember the Shenandoah Valley, Washington, D.C. and all the sites, the Smithsonian, the Naval Academy and time to pray, New York City, Radio City Music Hall, The Rockettes, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, all those Yellow Cabs like ants below us, Chinatown, Little Italy, Times Square, the climb up into the brains of the Statue of Liberty.
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First Lines Contest 2017: Red
WARNING: Dangerous Curves, Turns, and Twists Dead Ahead! You've been duly warned above in bold, red, and steamy text. The next chapter is not for the reading weak at heart or any lover of books who is the least bit squeamish about what goes on outside the covers between two consenting young lovers.
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Liar Girl
We all know a person who continuously tells lies. Sometimes to paint a better picture of themselves, sometimes they are simply just trying to please everybody. Steph Dawson is a...
Andre Govier
I am not writing big classics. I am doing short books for people who want something to read by the pool or in one evening. First person narratives which are easy to follow to give the pleasure of finishing a book to folks who have not picked one up for...
First Lines Contest 2017: ThunderCloud
My jumbled and confused thoughts irritate me: Am I good or am I evil? I’m not sure. How can I be sure? Grandfather Gawonii (“He is speaking”) at my birth was undecided if my presence would be the genus of stormy days to come or the gild-edged silver lining after storms. He, therefore, proclaimed me, “ThunderCloud!” minutes before he passed away.
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ThunderCloud... looks into an excommunicated, Native-American teenager's struggles to survive in a world of strangers. ThunderCloud’s outer adventures force him to confront his inner demons—real and imaginary, which have led...
“Get out of the way fat ass!” Lucy immediately felt the sting of tears in her eyes and her cheeks get hot. She glanced sideways quickly and watched the boys on their bikes whip around the corner, hearing their laughter.
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The Game That Never Ends
In 1953 Sandy and Alex meet and fall in love in Adelaide, South Australia. She comes from a wealthy Catholic family and he is the son of a shopkeeper and...
David Adamson Harper
David Adamson Harper started his working life as a British naval officer serving out of the Hong Kong station, which became the backdrop for his first novel KWANGCHOW. After leaving the navy he joined the management program at Grace Line in New York and spent many years in Panama and...
Hello, Agnieszka
Elise thought she knew her mother. But when her oldest brother attempts suicide, her mother, Agnieszka Halverson, must now tell her children a past she has kept from them. ...
248 results - showing 1 - 20  
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