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Short Stories

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First Lines Contest 2017: Uya: A Beast Like No Other
The unusual livestock killings began in earnest the first frost of 2016. Such was the way of life and death for the rural farming community of the North Georgia mountains, but near the Georgia and Tennessee border, the farmers had experienced nothing like the gluttony of carnage to come.
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Uya: A Beast Like No Other
Something deadly sinister is roaming the mountains of southern Tennessee and northern Georgia. A ravenous beast with a thirst for blood and carnage has law enforcement in two states baffled....
Stitched Smile Publications
You've got a story to tell and we have a home for it. Stitched Smile Publications was established January 1, 2016 with the release of A STITCH OF MADNESS by A.J. Brown on January 6, 2016. What Sets Us Apart? What sets...
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Chrysalis- A Collection of Short Stories 1. Face Value: Social Killer Social Thriller- Human beings in the year 2064Ad are valued by their Faces. 2. Inheritance Claim: Web of Souls-...
This book is part of the latest collection of Anglo-Indian short stories published by Warren Brown. These short stories are based in "Anglo-Street", which represents an Anglo-Indian neighbourhood, a fictional...
Demonic Entities
You pray, but something within you screams out. Your conscience flees, leaving you alone with your vices. No longer can you control your actions as the evil emerges....
Viral Upgrades
Mankind has taken advantage of technology for ages. Life has become simple, but so has the human mind. I've come to change that. Your phones, televisions, computers,...
Evolved Mutations
One morning you wake with a tingling sensation in your spine. Your veins feel as though they have a river of fire flowing through them. You scream out...
Alien Encounters
A phone call from a friend leaves you frantic. He claimed to have uncovered a conspiracy that could get him killed. His final words were, "I've seen them....
Cosmic Orbits
You gaze at the night sky and see something move. Wondering what is out there keeps you awake at night. Countless forms of life are between you and...
The Man in Grey
Everything about Nathaniel Gideon is grey, from his conscience to his costume. Known on the streets of Cape City as Deadbeat, he’s existed for nearly two centuries, always walking the...
Forgotten Faith
When Josephine Freeman meets Mark, he's just another lonely soul looking for a saviour. He's got the looks, the charm and the interest in Jo she's always wanted. Trouble is,...
In a Small Compass
15 contemporary short fiction stories with paranormal streaks take you on a journey to Boston, Dublin, Dundrum, Galway, Heidelberg, London, Munich, Nuremberg, Skerries, and other places. Find out...
Smartphone Generation
A dream of his childhood helped Peter rethink a simple habit of his adult life.
The Look in her Eyes
A quiet and aggrieved little girl saves a life. Even though life is still tough, she moves on, but not alone.
Karen Oberlaender
My name is Karen. I am a linguist, translator, and technical author. I spend my time mainly in Germany and Ireland and collect my inspirations on the go. My stories will certainly comprise some hobbies, favourite locations, animals, topics, beverages, etc. Locations do exist; pubs and/or shops...
The Poisoned Ground
CORPORATE GREED. CORRUPTION. PLAGUE. All was well for the southern city of Nanli -- until a mysterious plague filled the city with fear and agony. Duty bound...
Malay A. Upadhyay
Malay A. Upadhyay grew up in the Eastern provinces of paradoxical India. It was a childhood of anomalies - a different spacetime, where he could not understand a friend's passion for books on one hand even as he wrote for school elocution on the other. Today, all his stories belong...
526 results - showing 1 - 20  
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