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Action & Adventure

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Fifteen minutes. That’s all it took, and my perfectly good night was ruined. I stuck my glittery black purse under my arm, freeing up my hands and yanked the elastic from my hair allowing the dark strands to tumble around my shoulders.
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First Lines Contest 2018: Murder In The Bush
Blood splattered the walls of the grimy tenement flat as the petite, brown-haired woman was punched from one wall to another by a large drunken man. A sixteen-year-old boy, his face pallid from under-nourishment and lack of sunlight, watched in horror from behind a torn curtain, as he had done since he was a small child. When the beating stopped, the man undid his trousers, straddled the woman and took her by force.
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Life truly does begin through the death of another. Following the funeral after the passing of his dad’s life in the year 1939, a man seen to light amidst worldly dealing he portrayed through a hidden mask. That one he held shown in view of public eye as a devoted loving family man with shared business ethics resenting God for the loss of his one and only beloved wife for all others to see.
4.8 (9)
First Lines Contest 2018: Chasing the Wind
“YOU WANT ME to steal a Bible?” Jackson Douglas studied his potential client from across the table as she slowly nodded. “Yes.”
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First Lines Contest 2017: The Falcon's Revenge
A shrill scream pierced the otherwise still calm of the night. The young Afghan boy, wounds still bandaged, awoke from the nightmare and began sobbing. A woman rushed to his side, sat on the floor next to the padded mat he laid on, cradled his head in her arms, and through his sobs she heard him murmur, “Mama, mama.”
4.9 (8)
First Lines Contest 2017: The Pin
Urban myth has it that someone once stuck a pin in a map and followed it to have an adventure. Well, I haven’t found a book or a film about it and I don’t know anyone who has actually done it. My name is Dark Duke and this is my adventure.
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The Kidnap_Cropped.jpg
The white van glided into the street ominously, slowly, and silently - the sound of its engine barely audible beyond the driver’s cabin - towards the two boys playing cricket oblivious to the heat from the scorching summer sun. It looked like a delivery van, with separate driver’s cabin and storage compartment. There were doors on both sides of the driver’s cabin with windows, which were fitted with either dark tinted glass or sun control film; the windscreen was of clear Perspex glass. The storage compartment had one door on the rear side. It had no windows. It had a small communication window with a wooden sliding shutter, which opened on to the driver’s cabin.
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First Lines Contest 2017: The Meek
“Devin!” The voice rang through the house as it had a thousand times before, “It’s your turn to clean the litter box again, and it reeks.” Sitting alone in his room, Devin cringed at the thought of what awaited him. He’d only been home from basketball practice for ten minutes and had enough homework to take up the next several hours of his evening. The litter box was the least of his concerns. “Mom!” he whined back as he heard the sound of groceries hitting the counter, “Booboo is your cat, remember? I didn’t want him in the first place.”
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First Lines Contest 2017: Sins of the Father
I was in my kitchen making breakfast when the three men broke in and tried to kill me. The front half of my house is living room, with large windows looking out over the deck and the lake beyond. The back half has the kitchen and laundry room on the left, guest room and bath on the right, divided by a short hallway to the back door.
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First Lines Contest 2017: The Flight of the Sparrow
It was supposed to be an easy recovery. Just slip in, grab the item and get back out again, quick and quiet. Roger Conwell’s house sits on just over eighty acres about twenty minutes outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.
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First Lines Contest 2017: Nazilager
The unforgiving sun hung like a fireball high over the shifting and scorching sands blown about in violent hot gusts one moment and then eerily still in another. Here and there sand berms had formed as high as 20 feet, but in the distance they flattened and disappeared, as though they had never existed. Gradually, about a half-mile away, a dust cloud appeared.
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First Lines Contest 2017: The Yellow Bus Boys Go Blue Canada Bound
When the witching hour hits and sleep dies, one’s mind can take total control of the 3 AM insomniac. On this particular early morning, my brain screamed, "Think back George. Remember the Shenandoah Valley, Washington, D.C. and all the sites, the Smithsonian, the Naval Academy and time to pray, New York City, Radio City Music Hall, The Rockettes, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, all those Yellow Cabs like ants below us, Chinatown, Little Italy, Times Square, the climb up into the brains of the Statue of Liberty.
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First Lines Contest 2017: War Merchant
L’Oiseau Blanc was a dangerous place to be—especially for a white woman at night. Although a fragile peace currently existed between the Tutsis and Hutus, tension filled the warm evening air like the calm before a thunderstorm. On a night like this every dubious character for miles would be out.
5.0 (7)
13 results - showing 1 - 13