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First Lines Contest 2017: Francesca and Eliza
Francesca looked at her friend and shivered. This was ridiculous and she should have put an end to this nonsense, but it was too late. She knew it was better not to argue with Eliza.
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First Lines Contest 2018: Rose Blood
Rebekah Beddoes came closer to tears the more her situation worsened; bravely fighting them back she continued her weary trek down the isolated forest road. Her exhausted body gained no relief in the stifling heat, even the breeze playing with the long curls of her ruddy-chestnut coloured hair could do nothing to alleviate the high temperature. How she longed to leave the ominous cover of the forest behind, it seemed to trap the midsummer warmth and amplify it to an almost unbearable degree.
5.0 (1)
Most people would call our existence strange, but this is more than that, this deserves a headline. We’re not spectacular enough to feature on the national or international news, but we warranted a column in the local newspaper headed by seven not so lucky words: Missing Father Returns After Weird Aging Phenomenon. I’m glad that our short-lived fame died and the paparazzi, (what a joke,) got bored with us.
4.8 (5)
First Lines Contest 2018: The Fall of Lilith
Before He created the universe, God was present. Alone and bored in Heaven, He decided to create angels––celestial beings to serve as companions. When God formed them, He made them perfect. He then endowed them with free will so they might choose their own way, making them somewhat unpredictable––and more interesting.
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First Lines Contest 2018: The Witch
The moonlight shone down silver on a small, sleepy town on the outskirts of Colorado. I arrived just as the humans of the town were settling down, which meant that night-walkers, creatures like me, were out and about. Almost six foot of pure, sexy half-elf form, my slick boots and lithe figure slipped through the little town unnoticed
3.8 (1)
First Lines Contest 2018: The Magus
“This is the third time you’ve thrown us out of the City!” The tall, lanky man with dark and stringy red hair, stood alongside two other men while several of Danthamore’s guards forced them away from the front of the gates. “Take your messages and displays elsewhere, If you don’t, you might find yourself swinging from Robber’s Row by your necks.”
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First Lines Contest 2018: The Eye of Hermes
Yanick DcCullen, inmate 3249 of the Minerva Penitentiary, could never re- sist taking advantage of a business opportunity. So when he learned he could get his claws on some choice pharmaceutical items, he decided to take action. In pursuit of this profitable venture, Yanick had managed to convince a fellow inmate, Buddash Kyo, to sign up with him for a repair and mainte- nance detail in the prison tunnels the day after tomorrow.
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First Lines Contest 2018: A Dark Inheritance
The sun shone, warm and red on her eyelids. She couldn’t open them and didn’t want to. She stayed curled up, cocooned in the heavy blankets. The smell of dust and old wood filtered through as her senses switched on, one by one.
3.5 (1)
First Lines Contest 2018: The Underground: Second Edition
"Stay human. Stay human. Stay human."
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First Lines Contest 2018: The Moreva of Astoreth
"I could have you executed for this, Moreva Tehi," Astoreth said. My Devi grandmother, the Goddess of Love, scowled at me from Her golden throne in the massive Great Hall of Her equally massive Temple. Sitting on my heels, I bowed my head and stared at the black and gold polished floor, trying to ignore the trickle of sweat snaking its way down my spine.
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First Lines Contest 2018: Wendy Woo and the Dragon Eggs
Wendy crossed her arms and hunched down in the back seat of the car. “I’m not getting out of the car-ever!” She glared at her mom and dad through the cars rolled up window.
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First Lines Contest 2017: The Prophecy
When Lorena was twelve years old, she witnessed her parents getting murdered by a group of men wearing long and dark hooded cloaks. Shortly before the four men violently broke into the log cabin located in the secluded woods of a small land called Vathog, Lorena's beautiful mother took off the necklace she always wore and put the long silver chain around her daughter's neck. "Keep this safe," Marguerite whispered before urging Lorena to go hide inside their secret room.
4.3 (2)
First Lines Contest 2017: A Change of Heart
The plan was simple—kill him. Ambush Lucas and his guards and leave no survivors. Swearing silently, he tapped his sword hilt.
4.0 (1)
First Lines Contest 2017: La Lama Nera
Il mio nome è Aggart, ma gli amici mi chiamano Agi. Mio padre era Rupert, detto “Maglio d’Acciaio” ed era uno dei migliori Maestri Armaioli del Regno del Nord, ma lui diceva sempre di essere solo un bravo fabbro ed era bravo davvero, mio padre. – Vedi figliolo – mi diceva, quando non ero più alto del sorbo che mia madre aveva piantato dietro casa alla mia nascita, – se sei sempre cosciente di quello che sei e soprattutto di quello che non sei, nessun vanto potrà alimentare in te arroganza e superbia così come nessuna malignità potrà ferire il tuo animo.
4.0 (1)
First Lines Contest 2017: Vessel of Power
This is it. Heart thumping hard, Eylee’ai slipped over the rail of the ship, flowing into the shadows like a piece of liquid darkness. She kept her skin black as the night and body supple but shifted her hands into long talons, hard enough to rip out a man’s heart. Or a prince’s.
4.7 (3)
First Lines Contest 2017: The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price
Bodies pressed in on me on all sides. More were piled up beneath my feet. The grass, gorged with assorted fluids and trampled remains, squished under my boots as I carved open my opponent's chest, pushed him aside, and moved onto the next.
4.6 (5)
First Lines Contest 2017: The Heretic's Child
The tear trickled down my cheek. I decided I'd let it go wherever it wished. They deserved that.
5.0 (1)
First Lines Contest 2017: Shadow Stalker 1
Reality is an illusion we create to convince ourselves nothing will ever change. I have learned change happens regardless of the reality we create. Sometimes it’s so subtle we don’t notice it, but other times it’s so dramatic it alters our lives in a very profound way.
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Seed of Scorn
"I do not ask for you to accept my dream as truth. You asked what came to me as I slept, and now I have told you of it. Knowing the future does not make you wise, Hacom, it only gives you a glimpse of what may come to pass. What you do with that knowledge is what shows the worth of a man."
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29 results - showing 1 - 20  
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