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Occult & Supernatural

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First Lines Contest 2018: Rose Blood
Rebekah Beddoes came closer to tears the more her situation worsened; bravely fighting them back she continued her weary trek down the isolated forest road. Her exhausted body gained no relief in the stifling heat, even the breeze playing with the long curls of her ruddy-chestnut coloured hair could do nothing to alleviate the high temperature. How she longed to leave the ominous cover of the forest behind, it seemed to trap the midsummer warmth and amplify it to an almost unbearable degree.
5.0 (1)
First Lines Contest 2017: Embers Of The Pyre
There was a peculiar nip in the cold air of that winter night in Chennai. The breeze that rose from nowhere danced through the open, grilled window. The twin pink colour, translucent, chiffon curtains separated, as if to make way for the breeze, and fell back in place afterwards. The Tanjore dancing woman on the study table began swaying her waist and neck languorously at the soft touch of the cool breeze. The sparkling plastic bead string curtains slowly oscillated as the breeze brushed past them and crossed the door into the drawing room. The wind chimes suddenly came to life and jingled softly, breaking the silence of the winter night.
4.9 (8)
First Lines Contest 2017: Curse Me Not
Hell’s bells. I’d worried the night’s appointment would be a mistake from the get-go. I really should have listened to myself.
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First Lines Contest 2017: Superior Species
"For the first time ever, I felt like I belonged. Los Roshano gave me a scholarship, and once I found the entrance to the town, my new life would begin."
5.0 (1)
First Lines Contest 2017: Mary's Journey Continues
Did you know that it’s possible to own a ghost? Well, we do. She arrived in a Victorian trunk that my wife and I purchased not too long ago, and her name is Mary. Currently, she exists in her camelback trunk on our carport here in Georgia.
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First Lines Contest 2017: Mary's Trunk
Getting old is not for the squeamish. When given time and the natural marinating that comes from watching hands of a clock crawl, minute by minute, as it stares unblinking from the nightstand, ghosts taunt your mind, bones rattle from the closets, and skeletons get restless. This morning the ghost from the old chest in the garage came calling.
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First Lines Contest 2017: J
With his last breath, a child and a story are born. They would become one. James Blade of Spokane, Washington has died.
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First Lines Contest 2017: The Rebooted
At dusk, three, loud knocks at her front door scared the young, grief-stricken mother of four. Huddling around her in front of a solitary space heater, Ann's three children jumped, startling her even more. For a brief second, they shivered, fearing it was death itself that had come knocking.
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First Lines Contest 2017: A Door Unlocked
Bobby Ray’s attitude burned as hot as a Mississippi summer. After two years of incarceration, rehabilitation and counseling, his psychological profile projected a troubled life in or out of prison. Nothing could quench his thirst for revenge against a nemesis known only as life, yet for all the legal wrangling, for all the editorial page objections to his discharge from prison, he had repaid his debt to society.
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First Lines Contest 2017: Wings of Desperation
I was too young to fully comprehend what the man on the makeshift cross was feeling. I only knew he hung there, in pain, staring at me. His eyes possessed no anger: I knew what that looked like.
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First Lines Contest 2017: Something To Dream On
If a psychic yanks you by the arm, forces you into a seat, and states that you “arrived just in time”—all without even looking at you—should you panic? That just happened to me, and I am a little weirded out.
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11 results - showing 1 - 11