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The Eternal: Guardian of Light
An ancient shaman, Auren, pursues a dimensional creature through time to modern day. This creature, a Devian, killed Auren's family and fled to the future, intent on conquering Earth. It desires to enslave humanity as it prepares to overwhelm the higher dimensions.

Even with his vast god like powers, Auren knows he can't kill this Devian who has possessed his brother's body. He must deal with the anguishing fact that his brother must die, as the Devian is consuming his soul. Knowing there is no other way to save his brother, he deals with this knowledge and tracks the Devian across time.

The Devian, "Glaxus", named King by his people, seeks even further into the future to 2090, in hopes of finding advanced dimensional technologies. What he finds in the future only frightens him, sending him fleeing into the past again. His trip into 2090 has created the one thing that might stop him. Now, back in modern times he begins to bring his kind to earth.

Glaxus prepares traps for Auren using the woman Auren loves.

As Glaxux uses his new love to force his compliance, Auren must find a way to save her and himself, else Earth and all the Higher Dimensions will fall to the invading hordes of Devians.

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