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Here at AUTHORSdB we've formed the only database of authors, including social media, book listings and much more, for today's mine-field of thousands of aspiring and established writers.

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EXPOSURE: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, your manuscript is visible to the most extensive and credible network of publishers, agents and literary industry heavyweights in the world.

CONTROL & FLEXIBILITY: With the Hub, you can edit existing manuscripts, correct mistakes, and when you experience a burst of creativity, enhance existing submissions as you see fit.

YOUR VERY OWN LIBRARY: You can upload multiple submissions and under multiple genres.

ACCESS: Enjoy access to top resources, such as editors, publishers, agents, etc. Tools required for success will be at your finger tips; streaming news, blogs, writing classes, conference calls, clubs, associations, events, and non-for-profits.

DISCOUNTS: Through our network of partners, receive discounts on services critical to your success, such as editing, coaching, and a host of literary classes.

CONVENIENCE: The days of printing 10, 20, or even or even 30 copies of your manuscript and spending a fortune on stamps, only to receive a standard rejection letter are gone. Have a greater impact marketing your manuscript from one dynamic profile page.

CONNECTIVITY: Agents and publishers can reach out to you directly, and if you do get a deal, the Hub does not receive a finder’s fee or future percentages – a thank you would be fine.

COMMUNITY: You become part of an esteemed community of and enjoy all the privileges that come with it.

SUPPORT A GREEN BUSINESS: You will be supporting a green business, by limiting the ridiculous amounts of paper that is discarded daily in the literary industry. A percentage of our profits goes back to charities that support positive social & environmental change.

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