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The Eclectic Reader
"I am a Portuguese writer with several books published. I am currently translating my books to English. I would like..."
The Discriminating Fangirl
"Hello there! Fingers crossed over here that you are available to read and review my historical fantasy. Let..."
Mitzi Carroll copy editing/proofreading
"Mitzi was recommended to me by another author. I'm so glad I got in contact with Mitzi. She did two..."

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The Lost City of the Condor
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"Stefan Vucak has edited two of our novels, The Lost City of the Condor and The Mayan Mask of Death. My co-author Loretta and I found his assistance invaluable. He gave many helpful suggestions to improve the characterization and dialogue in our novels. It is wonderful to have a successful author as your editor, for Stefan doesn't have to second-quess where the scene is headed or how to polish for clarity and effectiveness. He's highly skilled at formatting and will help you present your novel in the best possible light."

Vickie Britton

Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson Website
The Curse of Senmut You Tube trailer

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