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ENTRIES NOW OPEN - 2019 Contest Entries

Entries close May 15, 2019

Winners annouced June 23, 2019


Great authors know that the first lines of any works in the craft of writing are critical to capturing the attention of the reader.  We've decided to shine a spotlight on fantastic first lines for authors with books listed on

Share your first three lines of the books on your bookshelf and let others vote on them.  Gain more exposure for your works.

Receive feedback on the following voting criteria:

  • Overall rating
  • Do these first lines pull you into the story?
  • As a reader are you invested in reading more?
  • Do you feel involved in the story quickly?

Add your listing and start sharing, tweeting and posting today!



- Entries are limited to authors with listings on
- Your book must be published and listed on bookshelf
- Maximum of one category/genre will be scored
- Judging will be on the first THREE sentences only

If your category is not showing?  Send us an email for review

Prizes:  Digital Badges

AUTHORSdb NOTE:  This contest is a user based vote, and does not necessarily reflect opinions of or it's brand.  Finalists and winners will be notified via social media.  All efforts to notify authors will be attempted.  We cannot be held responsible if the author details entered on is incorrect, or you fail to check your social media for these notifications.

JUDGES NOTE: The number of comments does not reflect the user votes or user ranking of those votes ... you can vote without commenting. Nor does the number of social media counts reflect what users vote.  These statistics are only part of the evaluation process and are calculated by independent, time-proven formulas for contests held over a long term period.

SOUR GRAPES: Please do not email us asking questions or giving comments like ... I think I should have won, why didn't I? I think you have chosen the wrong first lines!  How are you scoring as I think you are wrong. My neighbor's friend's dog and all his buddies voted for his book, and I think he should have won. (tongue in cheek :-) We will not reply.  Remember this is a contest to help authors. We spend a great deal of resources on this contest to help authors create a buzz. There is no conspiracy to vote you out.   ENJOY THE EXTRA EXPOSURE!